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4MOST Health Network is a comprehensive PPO Network operating throughout the "Appalachian area" and all of the State of West Virginia. The 4MOST PPO product grew from the Physician Services, LC (PSLC) organization. To learn more about PSLC, please click (here) or on their link listed below. With their statewide presence and experienced dedicated staff, 4MOST Health Network was launched early in 1999! 4MOST has experienced continued growth to become one of the leading PPO networks operating throughout its service area.

Utilizing 4MOST assists the payor, agent, broker and employer communities with significant savings off health care expenses. The savings achieved by the benefit plan using 4MOST come back to the employer and employee in the form of lower premiums, better benefits, and reduced out of pocket expenses. The benefit of 4MOST from the Agent or Broker's perspective is the value of being in a position to compete for new business while at the same time, maintaining existing business and providing their client with one of the most comprehensive and cost effective PPO Networks available.

In summary, 4MOST was created to assist the employer and payor communities with creatively dealing with the high cost of health care through modified managed care while ensuring that the overall quality of care and access to competent providers is not compromised. 4MOST takes pride in their role with contributing a positive influence in controlling the high cost of health care in West Virginia. This role and our subsequent results mirror the mission we set forth…

Our Mission - "to develop and maintain the most accessible, cost effective network of quality healthcare providers throughout our service area while marketing such network to the Third Party Administrator, Employer and Traditional Insurance Company communities. To ensure success, 4MOST Health Network will continue and improve upon its dedication to enhancing the quality and cost effectiveness of health care provided to our clients by contracting with the foremost qualified providers within our service area supported by the highest documented credentialing standards available."

Appalachian area - the primary service area of 4MOST Health Network, a product of Physician Services, LC located throughout all of West Virginia and the contiguous rural border areas in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.





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